Saturday, November 7, 2020

Osmose Technology

Osmose is a Social Media website combining PikFlik (Like Facebook) and OSMarket (Like Amazon). These two apps have important features of Facebook and Amazon. If you want to know how to make money with Osmose, this is a good place to start.


Welcome to Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd

Osmose shares  its Revenue with its affiliates in PikFlik Social Media App (download from Google play store) to Earn 20/ daily  as a premium member + 7 Levels income from Rs 1/ to Rs 7/ per person per day life long.

For more details Call us or WhatsApp us before or after Free Registration. 7249362833

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                                            PER DAY  RS. 8500/- , RS- 11000/- , RS 9038/-,

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Example – 

The Business plan with detail structure is shown below


Levels Daily Income monthly income


Level 1 10x 1 = Rs 10 Rs 300

(10 members in your downline) (Rs 1 per person)


Level 2 100x 2 = 200 Rs 6,000

(100 members in your downline) (Rs 2 per person)


Level 3 1000 x3 = 3000 Rs 90,000

(1000 members in your downline) (Rs 3 per person)


Level 4  10,000 x4 = 40,000 Rs12,00,000

(10,000 members in your downline) (Rs 4 per person)


Level 5  5,00,000 x5 Rs 15,000,000

(1,00,000 members in your downline) (Rs 5 per person)


Level 6 10,00,000 x 6 = 60,00,000 Rs: 180,000,000

10,00,000 members in your downline) (Rs 6 per person)


Level 7 10,000,000 x7 = RS- 70,000,000

 (10,000,000 members in your downline) (Rs 7 per person)


1. Complete your profile .

2. Tell your family friends, & colleagues about PikFlik (Like Facebook) Share your referral link with them.

3. Make connections & interact with people,Like,comment ,chat, make new friends and relatives & earn.

4. Become an Affiliate / Business Partner.

5. Post daily. Post about things you are interested in, not just your links.

6. If you can upgrade to a Premium package of Rs.1200/- you will get full benefits of daily income (Non-working) & 7 Levels Income (Working).


Enjoy your time on PikFlik App to Earn money.


Direct Registration Link

Fill your Full Name, Mobile Number & Email ID, then click 🔲 to accept terms & conditions, then Click- Submit


Call us or WhatsApp me before or after Free Registration. You can activate your ID within 5 days of Registration.

 For more details Call us or WhatsApp me before or after Free Registration.
Free  joining link click here to register now

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